For Catholics, not all people will understand the history of the Eucharist. As one of the important sacraments of the Anglican church, most people carry out this celebration of the Eucharistic sacrament without knowing how the sacrament was performed, and it was sparked at the very beginning. Therefore it is very important to know the background of events, including the history and meaning of a sacrament. Because basically, this sacrament is not done without a clear basis and purpose. For more details, here is a glimpse of the history of the Eucharist.

Background of the Eucharist

One background that encourages the existence of this sacrament is none other than the events and meanings of the Holy Communion for Protestants and Catholics or the Lord’s Last Supper and his disciples before He was crucified. Where in the Bible, it is clear that the Lord Jesus wants to be remembered through the ceremony of receiving his body and blood the night before He was delivered. Therefore all Christians certainly do this in various forms. And in Catholicism, this is poured in the form of the Eucharistic Sacrament Communion. It is the sacrament for receiving Christian bodies and blood, which are forgotten in the form of bread and wine.

History of the Eucharist

More clearly about the history of the Eucharist sacrament itself in Catholicism also has a fairly long history. It starts with the statement about the last supper in the stories of the saints and Bible characters after the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven. Then proceed with the stories written from the Saints and Saints about the body and blood of Jesus and how important it is to remember that in weekly church services. This, in turn, encouraged the Vatican reconciliation to spark the sacrament of the eucharist, which was given as a reminder of Jesus’ body and blood, which symbolized the great sacrifice on the cross.

From here, the Eucharist becomes a sacrament that must be given apart from other sacraments such as baptism or the purpose of the sacrament of charism because this is precisely stated directly in the Bible and written in various gospels that existed in the New Testament. Armed with the spirit to interpret the full body and blood of Christ, the Catholic church gave this sacrament as part of the weekly worship and liturgy of the Catholic church. So, in the end, what the Lord Jesus wanted for His disciples continues to this day. As a faithful follower of Jesus, of course, the meaning of the sacrament of the eucharist is also so deep that the long history of the sacrament was born.

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That is some interesting information relating to the history of the Eucharist. It is very important for Catholics first to understand the history and background of giving this sacrament before carrying it out. Because through an understanding of its history, it can also be interpreted its meaning and purpose. So thus, whatever sacraments are carried out can strengthen our faith and trust completely deeper in God. This includes love and the promise of salvation in the Bible given.