There are many Bible devotional verses before sleep that can be used as material for Christians to do in quiet time. This is a crucial thing because doing quiet time, especially before going to bed helps as one of the defenses of our faith. Therefore always ask for the help of the gift of the Holy Ghost at night and meditate on the word of God as best you can.

This will help us as Christians to be closer to God and increasingly able to be examples of behavior as the light and salt of the world. If you want to know what Bible prayer verses before going to sleep are the most appropriate material for quiet time, look at the following verses below.

Bible Devotional Verses Before Sleep and Their Meditations:


Psalm 3:5


This verse tells about how great is God’s love for humans so that God always gives His inclusion. Therefore it fits for us to contemplate that the law of love in the Bible that God applies to humans is unlimited. So that even when we sleep, God does not escape His view of mankind. Therefore we should give thanks for the love and gift of God on this one. Because with God’s help alone, even in sleep, we will remain protected. By surrender to God, of course, every second of our lives are in His grasp.


Psalm 4:8

So it is with the verse mentioned above. This indicates that as Christians, it is not necessary to feel anxious or afraid when they want to sleep at night. Because God always gives His inclusion at all times and at all times. Even when we are sleeping, God is still on guard to make sure His children sleep soundly and experience nothing without His permission. This is the thing that makes us have to give thanks entirely to God. Because God’s inclusion and love are unbroken, so that whenever and wherever there is always a God who takes care of us and keeps us from danger.


Psalm 127:2

The above verse is no less essential to be fully considered just before bedtime. Because from that verse, we can express extraordinary gratitude from God’s love for the lives of people who believe in Him. We should understand that our lives are not determined by how much we try, but also because of God’s grace. Because blessings only come from God alone, that determines the good and bad of our lives depends entirely on God.


1 Thessalonians 5: 9-10


In the above verse gives us a very important understanding, that is when we declare our trust in God, then our life will fully belong to God. Therefore we must fully understand how God’s role in our lives and how we respond to it. It is good to realize that through God’s promise of salvation in the Bible, we have obtained a very expensive penance. So that in whatever we do, then God is always there for us, and we are always with God.


Job 11:18

One verse of the Holy Bible before going to sleep is as written in the above verse. Where is written that even in sleep, humans still get hope from God? So that we as Christians need not be anxious and continue to believe in the benefits of praying for Christians. Because this is what leads us to believe in the hope that God gives. So that when there is no anxiety, we can sleep peacefully and not feel uneasy. No need to worry anymore because there is God’s help for those of us who believe in Him.

Those are some Bible devotional verses before sleep that can be used as material to do quiet time. Both privately and together with other family members. Through quiet Christian times and brief meditations that meditate on God’s words in the Bible, surely this helps us God’s people to continue to love and do what pleases before Him. Therefore try tips on diligently reading the Bible that helps us to have a little time to meditate on His Word, especially at night before lying down to rest. Surely this has become one of our actions that brings us to know God deeper.