Kinship is a bond that is formed because of a sense of togetherness, meaning beyond cooperation or professional relations. In a Christian community, it is very important to build togetherness so that the community remains solid and gives a lot of influence.

A healthy Christian community is a community that meets the needs and helps each member grow and can be a light to the surrounding. Then, what elements need to be built and maintained so that a sense of togetherness is always in a community?

Uniting Vision

A community usually consists of various members, characters, backgrounds, likes, and of course, different thoughts. This difference, if not united, often makes the community fail to exert influence, both for its members and for the external environment. However, by uniting each individual to the same goal, that obstacle can be removed, as stated by Paul to the Philippians, which is to direct the heart and mind to one goal, namely Christ.

Suppress Selfishness

Selfishness is a trait that damages harmony and togetherness. When this trait develops in a community, many negative effects can be ascertained. Instead of togetherness, what develops is competition. There will be a lot of hurts, feelings of disrespect, and disappointment due to unmet needs. Another effect of selfishness is arrogance, which certainly sins in God’s eyes (Proverbs 21: 4)

Cultivating Humility

Each member in the community certainly does not have the same capacity, both in terms of faith, relationship with God, ability, experience, how to respond to circumstances, and so on. Therefore, humility is very much needed from each other so that everyone can give from their strengths and accept what they still lack. Humility is very pleasing to God. In Psalm 149, God promised salvation to those who were humble.

If these three elements of togetherness continue to grow in a community, imagine what kind of influence we can have. In addition to a solid community, the impact that we provide will be felt by many people, so that the name of God is increasingly glorified.

The community in the church will be even tighter, if fellow church members support one another, they grow together, so there is no lag because they share and help each other through teaching. Those who are good at playing music teach others, who can’t do anything want to learn from those who have more talent, not jealousy. Some even share the same interest in Casino Online Indonesia, they share tips about how to play, share a lot of advice from the veteran, working together like this is a very beautiful way of how we implementing Christian teaching. God has given talent in their own part, wants to do it wholeheartedly for service, not arrogant, and want to own great. I want to take the time to care and pay attention to fellow members in the church, not individualism. Such things must continue to be applied in order to establish a close relationship between the community of believers in the church.