Chrysostom Press is a non-profit Christian church website, only providing Bible studies to Christians via the Internet. We obey God’s teachings, spread the gospel of God who descended from the kingdom of heaven, so that those who live in darkness, bound by sin can receive God’s salvation. Also, through learning the truth in the Bible, get the provision of God’s word, gradually avoiding the bonds of sin, get God’s salvation, live in the light of God, walk on the bright and true journey of human life!

Purpose / Mission

The purpose of this website is to spread and witness the Gospel of God so that more brothers and sisters who are hungry and thirsty for the appearance of God can hear the voice of God, follow in the footsteps of lambs, and be brought into the kingdom of God! With this, we continue to gather insights and experiences of brothers and sisters from all over the world about Bible verses, articles, as well as various types of Christian Merchandise. There are also, choirs, songs, dances, and reading God’s word so that more people can enjoy abundant feasts from God, and get God’s blessings.
Our mission is to spread the gospel of the kingdom of heaven to all countries.


The Chrysostom Press website was founded in 2019. This website provides abundant spiritual resources such as daily devotions, Bible studies, Christian testimonies, Christian films, spiritual songs, and beautiful Bible images. This site provides for all those who love the truth so that they can help themselves learn and understand the truths in the Bible. This site also addresses problems experienced by Christians in beliefs and lives (such as family, marriage, and work) so that they can get a splash from God’s word, spiritual life can grow more, live under God’s leadership, get true peace and pleasure!