If Minasan is in the Macau area, it would not be complete if you does not visit the tourist attractions that are very interesting and fun. Macau is not only known for its casinos. But there are some interesting locations that can be enjoyed. These three the five tourist attractions in Macau that should not be missed.

Church Ruins Paul’s

St. Paul Ruins

There are many churches in Macau, but this one church is the most visited because it is unique. The church, which was built in 1602, collapsed and collapsed in 1835, leaving only its front. This church was once built side by side with a university but suffered three fires and was rebuilt. Until the last fire in 1835, it was no longer reconstructed to become a tourist landmark of Macau.

To visit the Church of St. Paul does not rush to spend money because of many free shuttle buses from several casinos such as Venetian Resort, Grand Lisboa, and public areas such as the City of Dream. Friends just stay there because it is indeed provided for tourism purposes. Get off at Macau Square and walk straight about 100 meters, and friends will arrive at Senado Square. Follow the directions to the church. Paul and his friends will meet him after walking about 200 meters.

So that tourists can see the beauty and condition of this church more closely, in the back of the church, there are stairs to get to the second level and balconies made along with the second level. This balcony is supported by sturdy iron pillars, so don’t be afraid of falling. Don’t just jump around Anyone can go up to the second level via this ladder. And usually, people who are on this ladder will try to throw two coins towards the window hole on level 2. Don’t forget to look at the view around the church and balcony because it’s super cool!

Macau Tower

Macau Tower

Want activities that challenge your adrenaline? Do not miss to test the Minasan adrenaline guts at Macau Tower by doing various activities such as upwind around the top of the tower, or the skywalk.

The tower is 338 meters high. From the top of the top floor of Macau Tower, you can enjoy the beauty of the whole city of Macau. There are 61 floors that you can visit with the concept of one-stop entertainment. What does it mean? In Macau Sky Tower, you certainly can enjoy a variety of entertainment in one place. Macau Tower provides cinemas, cafes, restaurants, to the extreme tempting rides for you lovers of challenges.

Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino

casino in macau

Want to honeymoon in Venice, Italy? No need to fly far to Europe, just visit Venetian Macau. This tourist location is made to resemble the tour of Venice in Italy. Even this place is also equipped with a gondola and the Gondola Pilot, who sings like in Italy.

Venetian Hotel is one of the largest hotel complexes in the world, complete with the largest mall in Macau. It is also the largest casino in the world, as well as a feeling of being in Venice, Italy. There you will meet a replica of the Venice river complete with boats and paddles of masters who are skilled at singing folk songs (to feel complete boat facilities with the singer who circled the hotel for 20 minutes costs 100 MOP).

Located within the Venetian Resort Hotel, Venetian Macau is surrounded by the biggest shopping and casino shops in Asia.

Right at the Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel, there are more than 350 shops from retail stores. The best things are shops that are open until 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday) or Midnight (Friday to Saturday). For women who don’t visit casinos, we know where we can spend time if our men want to try their luck at the casino.

Macau is also called the Las Vegas of Asia because, in the Venetian Resort area, Grand Lisboa Macau, like a giant casino in Asia, stands majestically. Anyone can enter here without the need to pay or wear fancy clothes. To be able to enter this area, you can take the hotel shuttle bus for free. While you were in the area, you will find many beautiful gambling spots to play, and of course to capture for your profile picture.

How do you get to the Venetian Hotel for free? The easiest way for you all is to take the hotel shuttle where you stay and go to the Ferry Terminal. Arriving in front of the Ferry terminal, there is a Venetian hotel shuttle bus that never stops passing. Do not be afraid even if we are not guests of the hotel, and we can ride the shuttle bus for free.