Self-image is an understanding aimed at oneself. Understanding each other’s self-image will affect many things, including what will be the effect as well as how each person will be in this world. Apart from understanding the self-image, another thing that needs to be considered is how the views of the Bible assess the self-image of every human person on earth today.

In general, self-image refers more to a person’s character, where the intended character resembles the character that the Lord Jesus wants from his children. So from that, we need to know our self-image or know our character, whether it is in accordance with the integrity of the Lord Jesus while in this world. Here are some Bible verses about self-images that can be understood and studied:


Proverbs 15: 31-32

Another way that God uses to form good character in someone’s personality is by giving a warning through the people around us today. It is clearly said in the Bible Verse above that hearing criticism will make us feel good right now.


Galatians 5: 22-23

In that verse explains how the character of the Lord Jesus has. That is what God wants in each of us today, which has the same nature as Himself, which has a perfect nature and always follows from the teachings that He has given to all His children as believers and believers.


Deuteronomy 8: 2

This verse teaches us a way to shape the character that God wants in each person. Indeed, humans are inseparable from a mistake, but from that, we are required to continue to learn and perfect or eliminate bad habits to have the character that is pleasing before God.


James 1: 1-3

To teach us to have the best character, there are various ways that God does in our lives today. One of them is by giving a trial in life. From this trial that we experience will form a character like the Lord Jesus wants and make us more mature in the faith and more confident in all His actions that occur in our lives today.


Hebrews 12:11

This Bible verse refers to a Holy Spirit sent down on us, which will later give a spirit and can make our character change and become a more positive character and in accordance with the character of God. The character that exists in every human person is a gift that God has given previously to all of His children. Different characters also do not mean to make us disagree but rather make similarities between us, which are the same characters in the Lord Jesus.


Character is also actually a gift that God wants even though it is different from each person’s personality. The character will also indicate a man’s maturity, especially spiritual maturity for everyone. So from that, learning to form characters in accordance with the teachings that God has given is very necessary to do, which is indeed required in the teachings of the Bible. The good and positive character can be used as a useful thing in doing God’s service work, which is by evangelizing the people around us today.