Church Seekers & Gamblers’ Heaven in Macau

Gambling is illegal in Hong Kong. Then where should the fans of this fate fight? Macau with an area of ​​29 sq km was transformed into a heaven on earth for them.  Gambling is indeed legalized in Macau, so those of you who come there only need to invest money and hope to the god of luck. Macau is indeed quite far for those who want to gamble, fortunately now there are trusted online gambling in Indonesia. No need to go far to Macau, just use your cellphone, you can directly access the live casino on your cellphone and bet freely there. Choose a trusted online gambling site, which usually has the most complete gambling options such as online casino, judi slot, poker, and sportsbook.

Macau is the Portuguese pronunciation of the local dialect A Ma Gao which means temple of A-Ma. This is a place of worship for local people before the Portuguese colonizers came in the 1550s. The people themselves call this area Ou Mun. Since being handed back to China in late 1999, Macau has been transformed into a gambling location to rival Las Vegas. With 29 giant casinos and hundreds of nightlife spots, Macau is a magnet for those who want to try their luck from Hong Kong, mainland China and other parts of the world.

Macau has an international airport, but Hong Kong residents usually go to Macau using the fast Turbo Jet Ferry from the Hong Kong Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan. The ticket price is HK$172. The ferry departs every 15 minutes for 24 hours. However, between 00.00-06.00, the ferry departs once an hour.

When we bought tickets, it turned out that many people gave hand codes. Apparently, a lot of touts were standing around the counter. They offer tickets at a discounted price, HK$150, but who can guarantee, we don't even care. After an hour's journey, we arrived in Macau at 20.00 local time.

The glitter of the giant casinos makes the night sky in Macau turn red. Casino buildings vary in shape to attract gamblers. Some look like emperor palaces, giant light bulbs, Tibetan palaces, or dragon mouths. Just got off the ferry, and some people were handing out flyers. The content is an offer of plus-plus entertainment packages, ranging from striptease which is priced at HK$ 300 to advertisements for commercial sex services starting at HK$ 800.


Do not be surprised, apart from gambling, prostitution is also legal in Macau. It seems actor Chow Yun Fat has a special place for Macau. The face of the actor who is famous for the film Gods of Gambler (God of Gambling) appears at the taxi doors with a gambling style. All information signs are in two languages, Portuguese and Chinese.

After we filled our stomachs, we decided to head to the end of Avenida Street, Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues. Here there is a fairly large open space and we can look out over the many large casinos around us. The night is getting late, but this city is showing no signs of going to sleep. Hundreds of people back and forth in and out of the Casino. Enter the casino with cheer, and many leave with limp faces. I can't imagine how many people come here on the weekends.


Tired of the hustle and bustle of the gambling world, we retreated to the old city of Macau. The atmosphere is in stark contrast to the distance of less than 2 km, it was as if we were thrown into the 16th century. The colonial buildings that are still well-maintained, the streets with stone tiles, brought directly from the Portal, have survived to this day. We headed into the hills to see the ruins of the church of Santo Paulo.

Igreja de Santo Paulo, that's his name. Located in the hills, this church is a memory of Portuguese rule in the past. Built between the years 1602-1640, this church burned down in 1835. Only the facade remains today. The remains of the ruins of this church became an icon of Macau. It was early in the morning. We went back down to downtown Macau. The gambling city that never sleeps.


Visit St. Paul Church and Best Casino in Macau

If Minasan is in the Macau area, it would not be complete if you does not visit the tourist attractions that are very interesting and fun. Macau is not only known for its casinos. But there are some interesting locations that can be enjoyed. These three the five tourist attractions in Macau that should not be missed.

Church Ruins Paul's

St. Paul Ruins There are many churches in Macau, but this one church is the most visited because it is unique. The church, which was built in 1602, collapsed and collapsed in 1835, leaving only its front. This church was once built side by side with a university but suffered three fires and was rebuilt. Until the last fire in 1835, it was no longer reconstructed to become a tourist landmark of Macau. To visit the Church of St. Paul does not rush to spend money because of many free shuttle buses from several casinos such as Venetian Resort, Grand Lisboa, and public areas such as the City of Dream. Friends just stay there because it is indeed provided for tourism purposes. Get off at Macau Square and walk straight about 100 meters, and friends will arrive at Senado Square. Follow the directions to the church. Paul and his friends will meet him after walking about 200 meters. So that tourists can see the beauty and condition of this church more closely, in the back of the church, there are stairs to get to the second level and balconies made along with the second level. This balcony is supported by sturdy iron pillars, so don't be afraid of falling. Don't just jump around Anyone can go up to the second level via this ladder. And usually, people who are on this ladder will try to throw two coins towards the window hole on level 2. Don't forget to look at the view around the church and balcony because it's super cool!

Macau Tower

Macau Tower Want activities that challenge your adrenaline? Do not miss to test the Minasan adrenaline guts at Macau Tower by doing various activities such as upwind around the top of the tower, or the skywalk. The tower is 338 meters high. From the top of the top floor of Macau Tower, you can enjoy the beauty of the whole city of Macau. There are 61 floors that you can visit with the concept of one-stop entertainment. What does it mean? In Macau Sky Tower, you certainly can enjoy a variety of entertainment in one place. Macau Tower provides cinemas, cafes, restaurants, to the extreme tempting rides for you lovers of challenges.

Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino

casino in macau Want to honeymoon in Venice, Italy? No need to fly far to Europe, just visit Venetian Macau. This tourist location is made to resemble the tour of Venice in Italy. Even this place is also equipped with a gondola and the Gondola Pilot, who sings like in Italy. Venetian Hotel is one of the largest hotel complexes in the world, complete with the largest mall in Macau. It is also the largest casino in the world, as well as a feeling of being in Venice, Italy. There you will meet a replica of the Venice river complete with boats and paddles of masters who are skilled at singing folk songs (to feel complete boat facilities with the singer who circled the hotel for 20 minutes costs 100 MOP). Located within the Venetian Resort Hotel, Venetian Macau is surrounded by the biggest shopping and casino shops in Asia. Right at the Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel, there are more than 350 shops from retail stores. The best things are shops that are open until 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday) or Midnight (Friday to Saturday). For women who don't visit casinos, we know where we can spend time if our men want to try their luck at the casino. Macau is also called the Las Vegas of Asia because, in the Venetian Resort area, Grand Lisboa Macau, like a giant casino in Asia, stands majestically. Anyone can enter here without the need to pay or wear fancy clothes. To be able to enter this area, you can take the hotel shuttle bus for free. While you were in the area, you will find many beautiful gambling spots to play, and of course to capture for your profile picture. How do you get to the Venetian Hotel for free? The easiest way for you all is to take the hotel shuttle where you stay and go to the Ferry Terminal. Arriving in front of the Ferry terminal, there is a Venetian hotel shuttle bus that never stops passing. Do not be afraid even if we are not guests of the hotel, and we can ride the shuttle bus for free.
Catholic Church

History of Catholic Church in 1827 – 1890

At that time, the Commissioner-General was Leonardus Petrus Josephus Burggraaf Du Bus de Ghisignies, a Catholic who was also a Catholic, from the Vlaanderen region in Belgium. He has full authority in Batavia, as well as more power than a Governor-General. During the post of Du Bus De Ghisignies, 1825-1830, the Indonesian Catholic Church was able to breathe freely. He is Catholic and is very concerned about the needs of the people. He was also instrumental in creating freedom of religious life in Batavia at that time. One of the services is the Regeringsreglement which he made, in article 97 it was put: "The implementation of all religions is protected by the government." He also urged Father Prinsen to settle in Jakarta immediately. Seeing the urgent need of the people for the church to be a place of worship, Ghisignies sought a place to establish a new church. He gave the opportunity to the Cathedral Church Council to buy the former Governor General's palace in the west/north corner of Banteng Square (formerly Waterlooplein), which was then used as an office by the Ministry of Defense. At that time, on the land stood the building of the former commander of General de Kock's army. Catholics were given the opportunity to buy the big house for 20,000 guilders. The church administrator received a reduction in the price of 10,000 guilders and a loan from the government of 8,000 guilders, which had to be repaid in one year without interest. In 1826 Ghisignies ordered Ir. Tromp to complete the "White House," which was started by Daendels (1809) and is now used by the Ministry of Finance in Banteng Field. Ir. Tromp was also asked to build an official residence for the commander of the Armed Forces (1830) and is now known as the Pancasila Building on Jl. Pejambon. Third-order to Ir. Tromp was designing the first Catholic Church in Batavia. The place is now the Cathedral Church. At the urging of Commissioner-General Du Bus De Ghisignies, Ir. Tromp designed a 33 x 17-meter cross-shaped new church. The altar room is made in a semicircle, while in the long main room, six pillars are installed. This building style is baroque-gothic-classicism, neogothic-patterned windows, baroque-style faces, pilasters, and two buildings left and left classicistic. The tower looks rather short and is decorated with a small dome on it. So, the building style is called eclecticism. Plus, two buildings for the rectory flanking the church on either side and a row of rooms behind him. Apparently, the design of Ir. This Tromp required substantial funds and exceeded the financial capacity of the church at that time. Then this design was never carried out. Inside Catholic Church Therefore, the building was obtained by the Catholics, at the suggestion of Ir. Tromp was overhauled in such a way that it could be used for the church. This building is actually a building with a large room between two rows of pillars. On both sides, its length is equipped with aisles. In the middle of the roof was built a small six square tower. In the east part of the original house is maintained for the priest's residence and in the west for the boarding house. The Grand Altar is a gift from Commissioner General du Bus Ghisignies. The church, which is 35 meters long and 17 meters wide, on November 6, 1829, was blessed by Monseigneur Prinsen and given the name, Santa Maria Raised to Heaven. The church was sufficient to assist the priests in carrying out its mission of service in Batavia. More and more people are participating in mass. For the first time, on May 8, 1834, four indigenous Javanese were baptized in this church. Over time, the church suffered a lot of damage. Improvements made are patchy only. Then in 1859, a major renovation was held. According to the observation of a building expert, the tower in the middle of the roof is the cause of damage and leakage. The tower was too heavy for the roof structure of the church, so that is pressed against the wall and caused leaks everywhere. Therefore it is proposed to dismantle the small tower and replace it with a new tower located above the entrance to the west. Finally, on May 31, 1880, the church began to function again after it was completely renovated. Nearly ten years later, April 9, 1890, found parts of the church that began to be damaged, A pile of lime and sand-strewn near a pillar. This situation was quite alarming for the priests, especially Fr. Kortenhorst, who had stepped on the pile of lime and sand that morning. On the same day around pk. 9:00 a.m., Father Kortenhorst and Father Luypen examine the church situation. One of the pillars seems worrying. At 10:30 a.m., the pillar was looking worse and more alarming. Many chalks began to come loose again. Not long after, when the priests entered the sacristy, the church building collapsed with a terrible roar. The entire yard is covered in dust so that people cannot see more than five steps. The time of the day was 10:45 a.m. It was exactly three days after the Easter celebration. When the dust had begun to fall, the destruction of the church began to become apparent. The roof is gaping. Before this event, there were still 68 benches made of teak wood, and now only ten are left, the rest are heavily damaged. In addition, what remained intact were the altar, the court of the priest, and the sacristy and the tower. The condition of the church at that time was very severe, and it was not possible to hold mass. For the time being, mass is held in the horse-drawn carriage garage, which is adapted for the emerging church.

Is Stock Market as Similar as Gambling? How it is Applied in Religion Life?

Many people think that the way to get profits in shares is like gambling. The next question would be, is it contradicting the bible or other religions? If we see people only like betting, who is quick to win, then there is a story of a barrage of losses, is it true that the stock is not gambling?

Definition and How An Activity is Called Gambling

In my opinion, this is a simple definition of gambling. In reality, gambling is snowballing, it can consist of various activities, models, and variations in patterns. There are betting one person like that definition, betting several people, even up to tens of thousands of people, or even betting online. From their activities, some bet numbers on the table, guess numbers, guess who wins, guess the results of the matches, election results, etc. In essence, gambling is the activity of guessing something with a bet. But it was years ago, now betting in gambling is really similar to stock, we also need to analyze statistically before we put our bet. You will have a live score and position of your betting online like in the sportsbook website in Indonesia, really similar with stock market report in daily.

What Are Shares?

To learn more about stocks, please read the educational article about Getting to Know Stocks. Someone who has a stock means having some of the company's capital. This means that the person owns a small company. By holding a small company, he seems to have a company and its rights and obligations. From here, it seems stock activities are far different from gambling. But it's not. If you are Muslim and need fiqh guidance about stocks, there is already a fatwa about sharia shares. If you know this, it should be clear about different investment activities in stocks and gambling. Is that clear? People Like to Bet Only; They Do not Know How to Profit or Loss That is the negative effect of what I consider to be the wrong education. If all agree that the stock is to have a good and profitable company for him, then that person's activities will be far from the gambling traits as above. But the negative from stock is the internal people can control the increment or decrement of a stock. It usually named as insider trader.

What is Gambling Stock?

To test it, is someone losing money and others in stock? A person can lose if he sells his shares when the value is down. A person can profit if he sells his shares when the value is rising. Two people are investing in a stock. If the price is down, they can both lose. Maybe it's just a different percentage. If the price is rising, the opposite can happen, both can profit. But clearly, someone will not lose money even if he sells his stock loss unless the company goes bankrupt. In the stock model, the activity is similar to someone opening a shop to sell a product. He can profit. He can lose. A person can sell his shop to someone else when they make a profit by making a difference in the increase in capital and the value of the store that is already greater. Even stores that are at a loss can be sold to other people who are eyeing their assets or shop building.

Shares should be considered as a store business because the reality is so.

Have you ever heard of someone buying a store at a higher price than the prices of other similar stores? Similarly, in stock. There are people who buy a small amount of a company with assets of One hundred billion with an assumption of the value of a certain amount. Meanwhile, there are other people who are so eager to have a business that is willing to pay the company worth Rp500 billion. That's what happened in the stock.

Stocks are business buys. People can profit. People can lose which similar as Gambling with Analysis

Then what about people who buy and sell shares without knowing the background of the company, its business, or the value of the company? They are like corporate buyers who are too aggressive, and they can pay too much or pay without knowing what they are buying. If people buy shares without knowing what they are buying, then the business goes bankrupt, then the shares become worthless, this is the same as people who share a company without knowing the ins and outs of their business. Most people who do something like that can lose. Establishing a business with good knowledge can suffer losses. How would it be if managing a business without knowledge? It can get worse. In the same way, the same. So when you are gambling with analysis, you doing similar to stock analysis.

The Life Improvement that You Can Get by Reading Bible 22 Days Non-Stop

The Bible is a book that contains many words of God. Every command, every will, every testimony about God, everything is written in the Bible. As people who claim to believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we must read the Bible. The Bible is not only intended to be read during Sunday worship, but the Bible should be read every day. There are various benefits to reading the Bible every day. These benefits are certainly good for us to get. Here are various benefits of reading the Bible every day.

The Word of God strengthens us from trials.

The Bible was written to give us strength in defeating the forces of evil. We can break every temptation through the truth of God's word. This is like the benefits of reading the Bible every day that Jesus did when tempted in the wilderness after fasting 40 days, 40 nights. We can also do this when we read and meditate on God's words every day. The Word of God, especially in the Scriptures for life motivation, helps us to be able to overcome every trial that comes to us, however heavy it is.

The Word of God strengthens our faith in the power of prayer.

In addition to reading the Bible, we are always encouraged to communicate with God through prayer. One thing we can say in prayer is our petition. However, we often feel doubt that our prayers will be answered. Another benefit of reading the Bible every day is that it helps us to believe that God hears our prayers. He promises to give us what we ask for, and we trust that He will fulfill it.

The Word of God can please the heart and give peace.

God's Word can give us joy, even when we feel we have no hope. God's Word also gives us peace when we feel we have so many problems. The Bible contains a variety of real motivations, not mere motivations. For example, when we feel broken-hearted, we will become strong and recover quickly after reading the Bible verse about heartbreak. Reading the Bible also helps us not to bear everything alone, but learns to surrender it to God as the Bible says about surrender.

The Word of God confirms our faith about salvation and the eternal life we ​​have received.

As Christians, of course, we know that Jesus came to provide salvation and promise eternal life after death. All Christians know this, but not all Christians are convinced of it. At a minimum, they are not sure that they have received that safety. Regular reading of the Bible will help strengthen our faith in salvation. The Bible helps us get closer to God and believe in the promise of salvation, according to the Bible's verse about trust. That is the benefit of reading the Bible every day. The benefits of reading the Bible every day are not only in our spiritual lives but also in our daily lives. The critical thing to remember is that it is not enough for us to just read the Bible. We need to really reflect on it and also do it in our lives. Ask the Holy Spirit always to guide us to benefit from reading the Bible every day. All glory to the name of God. God bless.

7 Most Unique Christmas Traditions in the World

Everyone in various parts of the world makes Christmas a very special day every year. Apart from Christmas celebrations that are conducted by worshiping at church, in other countries, especially Western countries, almost all people celebrate Christmas — starting from dinner together, the distribution of Christmas gifts to friends and family, to other habits. Here are 7 countries in the world that have unique ways to celebrate Christmas.  


Poland has a dinner tradition that is so unique. People who celebrate Christmas will return to their hometowns to gather with their families. No wonder if you visit Poland at Christmas, the city center in this country will look so empty. The tradition of eating with family is called the Wigilia tradition. When doing this tradition, dinner is held at a table lit only by a candle, with a white tablecloth. They will also put straw under a tablecloth as a symbol of the birthplace of Jesus. An empty chair is prepared as a preparation for sudden guests who are looking for food or a place to stay. This was done so that no one would celebrate Christmas Eve alone in Poland.  


In 1966, residents of the city of Gavle in Sweden once made a statue of a male goat as high as 13 meters made of straw, which was placed in the town square. Strangely, every midnight Christmas, there are always people who try to burn the goat statue. But even though that happens often, the townspeople keep remaking the goat statue every year so that it becomes one of the Christmas traditions in Sweden. So far, he said the statue of a goat that had been burned had reached 27 times.  


Irish residents celebrate Christmas with a tradition of lighting candles and giving snacks to Santa Claus. Candlelight itself is a natural tradition for Christmas. Every Christmas service in the church will surely include a candle lighting event accompanied by the song of the Holy Night. But the difference is, lighting a candle in Ireland can only be done by small children, and the candle is placed in the window. Irish residents will also prepare snacks in the form of minced meat pie and drinks for Santa Claus.  


In Finland, the Christmas event is celebrated on St. Lucia, which is December 13th. On this date, the eldest girl from each family must wear a white robe and a candle crown and then serve her family with bread, cakes, coffee, and wine. Then on Christmas Eve, Finnish residents will visit the sauna to relax and make a pilgrimage to the funerals of those nearby. Lunch at Christmas is made by eating porridge with almonds in it. Those who find the almonds are believed to have good luck for the rest of the year.  


Christmas tradition in Spain, which is unique, is the presence of 'Caga Tio.' In Spanish itself, ‘Caga Tio’ means dirt from tree trunks. But in the Christmas tradition, ‘Caga Tio’ is a name given to a smiley-faced piece of wood with a red hat that brings laughter and excitement to the Catalonian children. The tree trunk is also loved by children because there are many gifts stored in it. Children must take care of 'Caga Tio' from December 8 until Christmas Eve. They will give ‘Caga Tio’ a blanket, even feed them orange peels every meal. They believe that the more 'Caga Tio' is cared for, the more gifts they will receive at Christmas.  


Unlike other sub-tropical countries that are identical to snow at Christmas, December in Australia is not snowing at all. This makes Christmas celebrations in Australia seem more different from other Western countries. Christmas celebrations in this kangaroo country are mostly done in swimming pools, beaches, to shopping centers. Various competitions are also held in an open area where people will also visit family, relatives, friends, and other friends to eat together.  


Canada also has a unique Christmas tradition because it almost resembles a Halloween party. Of course, the celebration is not as scary as Halloween parties in general. The public will only wear many cloth masks without paint. With this mask, they visit each other's neighbor's house, and if others can guess the face of the wearer of the mask, it is they who will buy food and drink to their heart's content. This tradition is called Mummering.

These 5 Verses of Bible can Strengthens Your Faith Before You Sleep

There are many Bible devotional verses before sleep that can be used as material for Christians to do in quiet time. This is a crucial thing because doing quiet time, especially before going to bed helps as one of the defenses of our faith. Therefore always ask for the help of the gift of the Holy Ghost at night and meditate on the word of God as best you can. This will help us as Christians to be closer to God and increasingly able to be examples of behavior as the light and salt of the world. If you want to know what Bible prayer verses before going to sleep are the most appropriate material for quiet time, look at the following verses below. Bible Devotional Verses Before Sleep and Their Meditations:  

Psalm 3:5

  This verse tells about how great is God's love for humans so that God always gives His inclusion. Therefore it fits for us to contemplate that the law of love in the Bible that God applies to humans is unlimited. So that even when we sleep, God does not escape His view of mankind. Therefore we should give thanks for the love and gift of God on this one. Because with God's help alone, even in sleep, we will remain protected. By surrender to God, of course, every second of our lives are in His grasp.  

Psalm 4:8

So it is with the verse mentioned above. This indicates that as Christians, it is not necessary to feel anxious or afraid when they want to sleep at night. Because God always gives His inclusion at all times and at all times. Even when we are sleeping, God is still on guard to make sure His children sleep soundly and experience nothing without His permission. This is the thing that makes us have to give thanks entirely to God. Because God's inclusion and love are unbroken, so that whenever and wherever there is always a God who takes care of us and keeps us from danger.  

Psalm 127:2

The above verse is no less essential to be fully considered just before bedtime. Because from that verse, we can express extraordinary gratitude from God's love for the lives of people who believe in Him. We should understand that our lives are not determined by how much we try, but also because of God's grace. Because blessings only come from God alone, that determines the good and bad of our lives depends entirely on God.  

1 Thessalonians 5: 9-10

  In the above verse gives us a very important understanding, that is when we declare our trust in God, then our life will fully belong to God. Therefore we must fully understand how God's role in our lives and how we respond to it. It is good to realize that through God's promise of salvation in the Bible, we have obtained a very expensive penance. So that in whatever we do, then God is always there for us, and we are always with God.  

Job 11:18

One verse of the Holy Bible before going to sleep is as written in the above verse. Where is written that even in sleep, humans still get hope from God? So that we as Christians need not be anxious and continue to believe in the benefits of praying for Christians. Because this is what leads us to believe in the hope that God gives. So that when there is no anxiety, we can sleep peacefully and not feel uneasy. No need to worry anymore because there is God's help for those of us who believe in Him. Those are some Bible devotional verses before sleep that can be used as material to do quiet time. Both privately and together with other family members. Through quiet Christian times and brief meditations that meditate on God's words in the Bible, surely this helps us God's people to continue to love and do what pleases before Him. Therefore try tips on diligently reading the Bible that helps us to have a little time to meditate on His Word, especially at night before lying down to rest. Surely this has become one of our actions that brings us to know God deeper.

5 Bible Verses About Your Self-Image That You Should Know!

Self-image is an understanding aimed at oneself. Understanding each other's self-image will affect many things, including what will be the effect as well as how each person will be in this world. Apart from understanding the self-image, another thing that needs to be considered is how the views of the Bible assess the self-image of every human person on earth today. In general, self-image refers more to a person's character, where the intended character resembles the character that the Lord Jesus wants from his children. So from that, we need to know our self-image or know our character, whether it is in accordance with the integrity of the Lord Jesus while in this world. Here are some Bible verses about self-images that can be understood and studied:  

Proverbs 15: 31-32

Another way that God uses to form good character in someone's personality is by giving a warning through the people around us today. It is clearly said in the Bible Verse above that hearing criticism will make us feel good right now.  

Galatians 5: 22-23

In that verse explains how the character of the Lord Jesus has. That is what God wants in each of us today, which has the same nature as Himself, which has a perfect nature and always follows from the teachings that He has given to all His children as believers and believers.  

Deuteronomy 8: 2

This verse teaches us a way to shape the character that God wants in each person. Indeed, humans are inseparable from a mistake, but from that, we are required to continue to learn and perfect or eliminate bad habits to have the character that is pleasing before God.  

James 1: 1-3

To teach us to have the best character, there are various ways that God does in our lives today. One of them is by giving a trial in life. From this trial that we experience will form a character like the Lord Jesus wants and make us more mature in the faith and more confident in all His actions that occur in our lives today.  

Hebrews 12:11

This Bible verse refers to a Holy Spirit sent down on us, which will later give a spirit and can make our character change and become a more positive character and in accordance with the character of God. The character that exists in every human person is a gift that God has given previously to all of His children. Different characters also do not mean to make us disagree but rather make similarities between us, which are the same characters in the Lord Jesus.   Character is also actually a gift that God wants even though it is different from each person's personality. The character will also indicate a man's maturity, especially spiritual maturity for everyone. So from that, learning to form characters in accordance with the teachings that God has given is very necessary to do, which is indeed required in the teachings of the Bible. The good and positive character can be used as a useful thing in doing God's service work, which is by evangelizing the people around us today.

4 Bible Verses About Self-Evaluation

Many times God's people always feel right. Though there are many Scriptures that directly ask that God's people are always ready for self-evaluation. Therefore there are a number of Bible verses on self-evaluation so that God's people remember not to be arrogant, keep doing the characteristics of humility according to the Bible and always see their own mistakes and try to correct them. This will help us to become better people. For more details, just consider the following a few Bible verses about self-evaluation that should be applied in everyday life.  

2 Corinthians 10:12

It is better to always look to God if you want to be introspective. Always see what God says and always make what God says as a reason and basis for self-evaluation. So that we can see whether our actions are in accordance with the word or not. Avoid the characteristics of the snob according to Christianity or arrogance because this is something that is not liked by God.  

Revelation 3:19

Introspection means wanting to see our shortcomings, including what are the various kinds of sins according to the Bible and our mistakes. It is better to surrender to God and leave God alone to remind us of our mistakes. So that our lives will be justified by Him alone. Because that's a sign that God loves us.  

Revelation 2:5

This clearly says that God wants us to evaluate our actions and practice Christian ways to repent so that God does not anger us. Because if God doesn't like it, then God can give us punishment.  

Matthew 7:3

It's best to always pay attention to our own actions. Do not easily judge others but forget yourself and try to change for your own good. Good people of God are those who try hard to understand their actions whether they are in accordance with God's wishes or not. So that then it can change better according to the words of the characteristics of people who are filled with the Holy Spirit in our lives.