Many times God’s people always feel right. Though there are many Scriptures that directly ask that God’s people are always ready for self-evaluation. Therefore there are a number of Bible verses on self-evaluation so that God’s people remember not to be arrogant, keep doing the characteristics of humility according to the Bible and always see their own mistakes and try to correct them. This will help us to become better people. For more details, just consider the following a few Bible verses about self-evaluation that should be applied in everyday life.


2 Corinthians 10:12

It is better to always look to God if you want to be introspective. Always see what God says and always make what God says as a reason and basis for self-evaluation. So that we can see whether our actions are in accordance with the word or not. Avoid the characteristics of the snob according to Christianity or arrogance because this is something that is not liked by God.


Revelation 3:19

Introspection means wanting to see our shortcomings, including what are the various kinds of sins according to the Bible and our mistakes. It is better to surrender to God and leave God alone to remind us of our mistakes. So that our lives will be justified by Him alone. Because that’s a sign that God loves us.


Revelation 2:5

This clearly says that God wants us to evaluate our actions and practice Christian ways to repent so that God does not anger us. Because if God doesn’t like it, then God can give us punishment.


Matthew 7:3

It’s best to always pay attention to our own actions. Do not easily judge others but forget yourself and try to change for your own good. Good people of God are those who try hard to understand their actions whether they are in accordance with God’s wishes or not. So that then it can change better according to the words of the characteristics of people who are filled with the Holy Spirit in our lives.